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Ski Exercises designed to help you get the most from your ski holiday

Ski exercise is essential in order to be able to get the most out of your ski holiday.

Ski Exercise

How often have you been on the mountain when the conditions are excellent, the mind is willing, but your legs can't do another run? If you only have a week's skiing every year, it is very frustrating when your legs give out on you after a couple of days on the slopes.

Many people prepare for their ski holiday by running, swimming, taking gym sessions and generally trying to get a bit fitter. The problem is, skiing uses muscle groups together that no other sport uses, so however much training you do, you can arrive on holiday and after day two your legs start burning.

Once your legs start to tire, your technique goes out of the window, and it is all downhill from then on (so to speak).

We recomend the following excellent ski exercise training program.

This fantastic ski exercise training program will help you to discover:

  • Over 30 strategically chosen exercises scientifically combined into the most effective ski-specific exercise sequences and routines.
  • The "Fab-5" secret exercises that all skiers should be doing for powerful legs and injury reduction.
  • No wall sits (aka wall squats) as we have specific reasons why these are not optimal for ski training despite popular belief.
  • Options for home workouts or gym workouts... You don't need any special equipment or machines at all for these workouts.
  • Builds incredible strength, power, and muscular endurance in the legs, core, and back.
  • Drastically increases your quickness and agility to be able to move more quickly between moguls, trees, rocks, and other obstacles.
  • Increases your legs ability to ski all day long while reducing leg and lower back muscular fatigue.
  • Reduces the deep "leg burn" that forces you to stop and rest several times during each run... Less resting = more skiing!
  • Increases your control over the mountain... Less stumbling and missed turns!
  • Reduces your post-skiing leg and back soreness
  • Strengthens your joints and reduces your risk of injuries that could sideline you for the season, or worse, hamper you for life... a must if you still want to be enjoying the slopes years from now!
  • Discover why these certain types of exercises that most people are doing may actually be making you MORE injury prone and damaging your joints!
  • The specific key exercises that help to even out your muscular imbalances that you might not even realize you have
  • Strategically combined routines to choose from for the most effectiveness based on your current abilities, fitness level, and equipment availability

For the ultimate ski exercise program click here.

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