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New Website Launched On Responsible Ski Holidays

February 9th, 2010

A new website,, has been launched with the aim of answering the question, “Can skiing and responsible tourism go hand in hand?”

The site considers the impact of component parts of a ski holiday, including the pistes, artificial snow production, ski lifts and off piste skiing, and site founder Veronica Tonge, a consultant specialising in Responsible Tourism and project management with the particular area of expertise of responsible tourism for winter sports, goes on to answer whether she believes they can be part of a responsible skiing holiday.

In addition to this analysis, there is an overview of options for getting to the destination and then all the resort factors; such as the transport, après ski and accommodation, are reviewed with case studies and ideas for both the industry and skiers.

Veronica Tonge said, “Skiing has been the saviour of many a mountain community, however it’s important to both acknowledge that the environment has sometimes been damaged and that there is a risk to skiing posed by climate change. This is the only website that examines the entire ski holiday in the context of responsible tourism; which is minimising any negative impacts to the environment, whilst maximising the benefits to the local economy and ensuring you have a better holiday.”

Written by a skier, for skiers, the website is broken down into several informative sections and “How to be a Responsible Skier” gives a range of tips to help skiers plan a more memorable holiday that go beyond the usual, “reuse towels and don’t litter.”

“Responsible skiing is not about easing your guilt and is not just concerned with CO2 emissions. It’s about engaging with the mountain destination, enjoying a range of winter activities in beautiful surroundings, and having a fun and memorable stay, but not at the cost of the environment or the local population. And we all want that.” said Veronica Tonge.

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